Why I’m Rambling…

As a paramedic, I have had first hand experience of how difficult it can be to spend time focusing on yourself.  I’m sure at times we’ve all been guilty of it – fellow health care professionals, emergency service workers, shift workers – anyone! We spend our working lives looking after others, only to spend our free time forgetting to look after ourselves.

The reasoning behind this blog is to create a place of inspiration for others who, like me, may have struggled to have put their health first – both physical and mental. I want to persuade others that being outdoors really can be the best medicine. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but finding some time to get outside in this busy world can be exactly what is needed to put everything back into perspective.

The outdoors makes me a better person – it makes me smile, it encourages me to challenge myself and it allows me to stay healthy and happy. Through this blog, I hope to inspire people to begin to explore; whether that’s a small adventure not too far from home, or straying further afield to make big memories.

Stay safe out there. Look after others, and most importantly, look after yourself. Over and out.