Sunshine in Suffolk

It’s fair to say that I’ve neglected this blog over the past few months. As always, life is busy and whilst that’s not always the best excuse, I haven’t actually been away anywhere worthy of a blog! There’s still been lots of getting outside but it’s mainly been in my garden or around the local area. However, that changed this weekend and along with the glorious weather, we headed to Suffolk for a weekend away.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have grown up living 5 minutes away from the beach, and so in the weather we’ve been having recently, I’ve seriously missed being able to head down for a swim during the day. The nearest seaside is now 45 minutes away! Having looked at the forecast and realised that my sister and I both had a weekend off, we organised a last minute trip to Suffolk to camp and have a beach day. Finishing late on Friday night, we packed up the car and headed out – a bad omen coming from a heavy rain shower, which thankfully cleared in time to pitch the tent. We tried to stay awake and be sociable but both exhausted, we fell asleep almost instantly.

I’d found Forest Camping in Woodbridge, Suffolk and this was where we had chosen to go. Waking up on Saturday, we could see it was a good choice. A separate camping field to the caravans and no one about. It reminded me of my camping trips to the New Forest – trees all around, peaceful and beautiful.

First task was breakfast, so I got to work. I absolutely love cooking outside, whether that’s a BBQ or camping stove, and I love the ease of my little gas burner.

Bacon sandwich and cuppa had, we packed up and headed to Southwold for our beach day.

I’ve never visited Suffolk before and the 45 minute drive from our campsite to Southwold took us through some beautiful countryside and villages. On arrival and much to my delight we found that Southwold was actually a perfect, quintessentially British little seaside town. Bunting in the streets, beautiful buildings and village shops, and even horse and carriage tours. Beyond cute.

The whole point of the beach day was to relax and enjoy the sun. It was my mission to have a swim no matter how cold the sea was – you never know when the next chance may be! Thankfully, stepping in was like getting into a lovely warm bath and it was the most refreshed I’ve felt in a long time!

We had a classic chilled beach day. Sunbathing, chatting, playing catch, eating fish and chips and swimming. Sometimes days outside don’t need to be active at all – being out soaking up the sun, getting some fresh air and relaxing is just as good for you. And sometimes much more important than being active and exercising!

One happy yet tired girl.

On Sunday we woke without alarms, had the all important cup of tea and packed up ready to head home. Both of us being back on shift on Monday meant the necessary evils like laundry, ironing, shopping and meal prepping had to be done. However, I can safely say that after our little trip we were both feeling so full of energy that even those everyday activities seemed to breeze by. Finishing the day with a roast dinner in the garden, it couldn’t have been a nicer weekend.

A short and sweet blog post this time around, but keep an eye out as I head to the Lake District & Cornwall next month. Here’s hoping the weather stays!

Until next time…


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