Chasing a Sunrise

You know those weeks where you seem to be constantly rushed off your feet, with no time to think about anything else? It’s been one of those. 4 busy night shifts didn’t allow me much opportunity to get outdoors, and with the colder weather setting in, it’s fair to say I’ve been pretty happy crawling into bed every morning! I’d planned a weekend visit home to the Isle of Wight to see my family, so come Friday morning I began my journey down – normally 3 hours in total, but traffic and fog had other ideas. I arrived 5 hours later!

Saturday was spent catching up with my family and watching some fireworks down on the beach in the evening. Cold but lovely.

I’d had an urge to go for a walk over West Wight way during the time I was down, and my Mum suggested we go over for sunrise. With a plan decided and alarms set for 5:45am, off to bed we went.

Sunday morning was bitterly cold, and the wind on the cliffs was making it feel even more icy. It only takes about 40 minutes to travel from our house to the West Wight area and as we arrived we could just see the sky beginning to change colour. We were met with a lovely first view – this weekend’s supermoon, right above Freshwater Bay. 20171105_124024.jpg

The only one of us who wasn’t suffering from the cold was our little ginger dog, Pippa. She was in her element, bounding around in the grass, chasing stones and getting a little too close to the edge at times… Don’t worry, she’s been a cliff dog since she was tiny – she’s got some serious experience in that field 😉

West Wight has a very dramatic coast line and it always reminds me of the Jurassic coast. Over the many years I lived here ther were various cliff falls, with the scenery constantly changing. The main road along this part of the island offers some amazing views, and I always love driving over this way. There are so many opportunities for great walks, whether you want a simple cliff walk or something a bit more inland. Walk the Wight, the island’s annual 26 mile walk, takes in this whole stretch of downs, finishing at Alum Bay, home to the famous ‘Needles.’ There are also some great campsites on the cliffs, however they’re very exposed – perfect if you’ve pegged your tent down correctly!

We had a great time watching the sky change as the sun began to make it’s appearance. I’ve been playing around with my new camera (Sony A5000) so this morning was ideal to test all the different settings.

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You’ll learn from my blog and Instagram that I’m a sucker for a sunrise/sunset. I love the warmth of the colours, how peaceful it is and the fact that no matter what happens, there’s always the guarantee that something beautiful will start and finish each day. There’s nothing better in my opinion. I’ll happily sit and watch one for as long as possible.

What I loved about being out on this walk was that all my stress disappeared. I didn’t feel tired, I felt alive and happy. Being outdoors really helps when work or home life becomes busy, and that’s why it’s so important to me. Making time for an hour outside gives me back more time, because I don’t spend it stressed or worried. Instead, I’m more productive, happier and feel healthier.

Warning…being outside may make you smile.

Being able to spend this time with my family makes it just that bit more special. Continuously making memories together. We’re all a bit mad too – my Mum has been running daily for 676 days and so she needed to keep her streak up. Cue the 3 of us running backwards and forwards along the cliff path to make up the mileage, being chased by a confused ginger pup. Little adventures with lots of smiles are always the ones we remember most.

One of the most beautiful parts of this area in my opinion is Freshwater Bay. Even on a day as freezing as this one, I just had to stop to get some photos. 20171105_114238.jpg


After a couple of hours, I was sure I would never be able to use my fingers again they were so cold. We bundled back into the car, turned the heating on full blast and went in search of a Full English. I’m heading back to Essex today with a smile on my face, a clear head and more memories. Get outside; you’ll feel like a new person.

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