Sunshine in Suffolk

It's fair to say that I've neglected this blog over the past few months. As always, life is busy and whilst that's not always the best excuse, I haven't actually been away anywhere worthy of a blog! There's still been lots of getting outside but it's mainly been in my garden or around the local area. However, that changed this weekend and along with the glorious weather, we headed to Suffolk for a weekend away.

Maps at the Ready

For anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors, navigation is a key skill. It's the most reliable way of keeping safe; whether you're up a mountain, on the moors, in glorious sunshine or battling the elements - navigation skills will keep you on track. Recently I had the great fortune of spending a weekend with some fellow Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champions in the Peak District on a course with the Ultimate Navigation School.

Keeping Busy

As I'm sat here writing this, I can't quite believe we are nearly at the end of February. Where did those 2 months go?? It's been a manic time for me; plenty going on, lots to keep me busy and I've sometimes wondered how I've been keeping my head above water!

A Welsh Weekend

Christmas is fast approaching and it's the time of year where everyone starts to get busier. Work, shopping, family visits - it all happens in December. This weekend is my last one off rota until Christmas Eve, so I headed down to South Wales to visit some family and do a spot of walking...

Finding The Time

Now that the darker evenings are well and truly upon us, I've been finding it more difficult after my shifts to get outside, so I've been trying to find the time during my rest days. This week was kind enough to give me 3 days off and so it allowed me to explore part of the Essex coastline today...

Family Comes First

When deciding where to begin with my first blog, I was running through so many different walks I've done over the years and my mind came to rest on a walk I'd done recently with my Mum. We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like - she lives on the Isle of Wight and I live in Essex. A couple of weeks ago we decided we'd do something we hadn't done for a while - we'd meet in the middle and go for a walk.